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Suspension Resistance Training

Here is my video offering ideas and ways to use suspension resistance straps. I have included 3 sections; Abs/Core, Upper Body and Lower Body. ADVANTAGES:​

  • It could offer something fresh in terms of working out at home that might help with motivation.

  • You can adjust the resistance by changing the level/angle that you suspend your body weight at. Training intensity can be increased very steadily which is an excellent way to make improvements. An example of this would be performing an exercise at an angle not far from upright and each time, gradually lowering yourself to a point where you are holding most of your body weight. ​

  • They are easily accessible online at reasonable prices, but try to get one with a few attachment options. This will make sure you can find somewhere at home to use it. Here is an example of one online that’s similar to mine. Suspension Resistance Training Band

  • The resistance strap can be taken on your travels and used anywhere! Just make sure you check the attachment point before starting a workout ensuring that it is solid enough.

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