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Breastfeeding Awareness Week

As it’s breastfeeding awareness week I thought I’d write a brief blog about my experience so far.

The photograph I have used is from our holiday to Portugal. Ruby was only 6 weeks old so of course I had to breastfeed a lot in public when we were out and about. I did and still use cover ups but I found in the heat it was just so difficult alongside trying to keep Ruby cool! I try to be discreet about breastfeeding, so for example we think about the position of the table we sit at in a restaurant and things like that. In the first 3 months I haven’t experienced any negativity towards me breastfeeding and I hope that’s always the case. Although I must admit it does put me off going out anywhere at the minute because I’m just more comfortable at home not worrying about covering up or what others may think.

I feel so blessed I’ve been able to breastfeed, it doesn’t happen for everyone but oh my it’s hard! It’s great having the convenience of the boob compared to the bottle, especially when I’m out. It’s one less thing to pack before setting out anywhere and less baggage!

In 3 months I’ve tried a total of 4 bottles of formula with Ruby at times when she’s not latching properly. Only 2 were successful. The two that did go down well was because I was dehydrated and didn’t have enough milk so she was hungry. The other two I think she was just irritable and tired.

After breastfeeding she’ll only fall asleep on me or stay asleep if I pass her to someone else to hold. I’m guessing the bottle fills her up a lot more as she fell asleep for 5 hours in her bassinet after one of the feeds and in her dock-a-tot for 3 hours after the other!

Ruby is still being monitored for weight gain because she’s small, she’s not underweight but she’s only just started to put on weight at a rate that the charts are happy with. I have found it stressful with breastfeeding wondering if she’s getting enough milk. On top of that I’m trying to make sure I eat & drink healthily to provide good quality milk and that’s not easy to do in between feeding, entertaining, bathing & cuddling our little girl.

I want to try and find time to pump so I can give her more bottle feeds. I know formula is great at giving her everything she needs but I worry about disrupting her digestion. I know bottle fed babies can struggle with colic and reflux which can be really upsetting. Ruby didn’t get any problems with the two bottles she had but who knows if she was to have more if that would be the case. One worry I don’t have at 3 months is nipple confusion. I feel confident enough that breastfeeding is well established that she’ll be able to switch between the two no problem when that time comes.

Who knew there was so much to think about!

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Ella Amy Stiles
Ella Amy Stiles
05. 8. 2021

Great article! I breastfed everywhere I went and never encountered any hostility. i would have been so shocked if anyone had asked me to move myself to a different place or anything! We still hear about it happening I guess, but I never witnessed it. Well done for breastfeeding Ruby, you are in a small minority of mums these days :0)

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