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Glowing Bumps Pregnancy Workouts

Glowing Bumps gifted me access to their full website. This includes the Get Glowing 40 week fitness programme, a series of bespoke pregnancy exercise videos or e-books for each trimester and postpartum. These exercises can all be done at home and require minimal equipment. These exercise programmes have been produced in association with Meredith Kramer.

I have personally found pregnancy very tiring and although previously very motivated to train I found my self really lacking in drive to work out. These workout videos gave me structure and have helped no end in getting me off the sofa!

Exercise is so important in pregnancy as it helps to: 1. Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes 2. Enable the body to cope with childbirth 3. Speed up recovery after birth 4. Control weight gain during pregnancy 5. Enhance mental well being

Alongside this they provide 14 months of nutritional guidance, broken down into each trimester and postpartum. This has been compiled with nutritionist Wendy O’Neil.

If you want any more information check out -

In the meantime I hope these videos help, I will share more as I go along!

Love Dani x

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