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Dani Does: Ladies Golf Clothing Range

The story of DP by Druids

Brian first met Kevin (the COO of Druids) at an Irish Open Golf Pro-Am, he met Lewis (the CEO) not long after. Brian loved the lads, their Druids golf apparel and everything the company was about, luckily Lewis and Kevin wanted Brian onboard with the company (no brainer for Brian) and they all set about gathering ideas on the best way to do this.

Once Brian's role within the company had been established, they invited us to play in a team golf competition at Dumbarnie in Scotland and represent Druids. At dinner the night before we had a conversation about how ladies golf apparel can be quite expensive and also varies massively in quality. Druids had already done a small ladies range of clothing but the lads said they definitely needed a female eye to help with the selection. I was showing them my pinterest board with the ideas I had for ladies golf clothing and outfits, afterwhich Lewis and Kevin both decided we should give the ladies section another go and collaborate on it. We agreed to follow in line with the Druids men’s ethos, brilliant quality, cool designs and not break the bank prices.

Lewis and Kevin got the wheels in motion so quickly! Probably the reason Druids are so successful; if they like an idea they get on it straight away!

We decided to do a ‘Dani’ range and as a team we set about putting together the pieces that this would include.

It then became ‘DP by Druids’ as we thought the Druids logo was too masculine and ‘Dani’ as a logo just didn’t look right. We had a DP logo drawn up by Lewis and spent some time on this going back and forth trying to get one we all agreed could work. The next step was to get the designs of the pieces drawn up and sent to the factories to get some samples made. This also took a lot of time going through sizing, details and fabrics, back and forth with the production team to get it perfect.

When the samples arrived we were really pleased, we had a few tweaks here and there to do with sizing and adding in some details but on the whole we were pretty close to what we wanted. When we fed this back all we had to do was wait for the bulk orders to land and then get on with the launch, this was so exciting for me as I had never really imagined my own golf range of clothing could actually come true, but here we were! We did a little photo shoot to model some of the items as this always helps customers to see what it looks like on someone.

Fair to say our initial sales have been pretty impressive and beyond what I could have ever dreamt of, so hopefully we will continue to grow and we can add more pieces and designs to the range! Exciting times ahead.

For anyone reading this who may go on to buy anything in my DP range here are some sizing notes to help, the more detail the better I always find when ordering online.

I was wearing size 8 for all the tops but now I’ve gone up a size after having Ruby (size 10).

The outer layers I still have an 8 though and this is exactly as we planned; we wanted the sizing on these slightly bigger to account for tops underneath but also allow for the movement of a golf swing with no restrictions.

We wanted slightly more length on the arms so they would fit the majority, I know I would always rather roll a sleeve up than be trying to pull it down!

My sizes …

34 to now 36 chest

27 to now 29 waist

(I’m also 5ft9.5 with a 34 inch leg if that helps anyone looking at the length of the tops)

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