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Step Training: Exercise Options

Most people will have some kind of step at home, stairs, a ledge or something in the garden so I thought I’d put together this video to show you some exercises that might make training at home a little more interesting and give you some more options. The type of step you have at home may guide the type of exercises you can choose which is why I have included so many. I have included Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs and Dumbbell exercises. Pick those that suit your fitness needs and work at an intensity that avoids injury. With any new type of training, increase intensity gradually week by week.​​


  • The number of repetitions or time you complete the exercise E.g 12 Squats = 1 set OR 30 seconds squats = 1 set

  • The number of sets you complete of each exercise E.g 30 seconds of squats x 3 sets

  • The number of exercises you have in your workout

  • The amount of rest you have between sets

*All of these things can be increased or decreased depending on how long you have available to train and how you are feeling. You may not always be able to increase your training week by week and this is ok. Sometimes we don’t feel full of energy and you should adjust intensity accordingly NOT force yourself to do more. Your body still gains training effects if you train to your potential that particular day.

The step I am using is a fitness step by REEBOK, the only reason I bought this is because it has three height settings and the bench has 3 adjustable inclines. This offers a few more exercise options. I have included some Dumbbell exercises just so you can see how it can be utilised as a weights bench.

However, this is now £131.45! When I purchased it wasn’t as expensive, this might be to do with the current climate!? Anyway, if you really want one like this maybe wait for a little while and see if the price comes down. Check out places like eBay too, there are decent second hand ones out there.

If you don’t need the adjustable incline basic steps are a lot cheaper even brand new and you can still complete a tonne of exercises. This is an example of one at £49.99

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