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Resistance Band Training: Exercise Options

There are so many benefits to training with a resistance band!

  1. There’s a wide variety of exercises you can do which hit all body parts

  2. You can take it anywhere & complete workouts with limited space

  3. Intensity can be adjusted by altering the length of the band, using tension suitable to the exercise and your fitness level

  4. You can add in weights with the band to increase training intensity as you get fitter

  5. You can get creative and make up your own!

I have included 4 upper body exercises and 8 lower body exercises in this workout, I have also repeated 2 of the lower body exercises at the end to show you how you can incorporate a dumbbell with the band. I show you each exercise from the front and side to help with technique and band positioning.


Select as many exercises as you want depending on your focus and fitness

  • Go for between 8-12 repetitions. You are in control of the number you complete but this will depend on fitness and tension on the band. You want to feel it but not so much that you lose your technique and struggle to complete a repetition correctly.

  • Go for 2 - 4 sets of each exercise. Try to keep the repetitions in each set consistent, i.e don’t complete 12 in set one and then 8 in set 2 because of fatigue. 

  • Build training volume up slowly whilst you adapt if you are a beginner. Over time then increase the number of repetitions, sets or band resistance, consistent training is more important than busting your ass on the first go and then getting injured or unable to train in the following days.

  • Most importantly enjoy it! Put together a programme based on what you like and how you like to train, this will make it more likely that you will do it again. Personally I like to complete more exercises and less sets as I like variety. I also prefer to complete this type of training as a circuit, performing each of my chosen exercises once to complete the set and then repeating the set 2 or 3 times.

Here is a link for the type of bands that I use, this is medium strength... 

Postage is £6.14 to the UK as this company is in Ireland but these are the only ones I could find in stock. They also have Light, Strong and Extra Strong Resistances. Research yourself, you might find cheaper ones and there might be other companies who have them back in stock. Make sure you get these robust thicker bands for workouts like mine, there are plenty out there but some are very thin and are only really useful with rehabilitation work.

Here is my workout video, let me know how you get on and feel free to share any of your resistance band workouts with me!

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