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Resistance Band Training: Exercise Ideas, Part 2

This 2nd Resistance Band Workout video shows a completely new set of exercises that can be done with this one simple piece of equipment.

I have included 3 sections; Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs & Core. Although this video focuses on the Upper Body, because you are holding your position and creating your own resistance, your whole body will be utilised throughout each and every exercise. You will be able to achieve a full body workout with minimal space. 

I would try to complete 2-3 sets of the exercises you select to make sure you gain a training effect. The amount of tension, the time you train for and the amount of exercises you do will totally depend on your starting point. Build up gradually! Consistency is key, training lighter but more frequently is more beneficial than blasting your body and then doing nothing for the next few days. 

I hope you enjoy this workout as much as the others, remember to give me your feedback, I love hearing about how you’ve done!

Love Dani x

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1 Comment

Anne Weaver
Oct 11, 2020

Hi Dani, never tried the resistance bands before so watching your video inspired me to give them a go. I’ve purchased the ones you’ve linked 👍x

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