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I had never heard of this label until a friend recommended them for a photo shoot I was doing. They are an Australian design label so I guess it’s no surprise I hadn’t come across them before.

If you take a look at their collections immediately you can see the emphasis on sleek, timeless pieces with some boldness thrown in for fun. What’s also great is that the collections are kept selective and designs are in similar taste. This is great for someone as indecisive as me; who often starts shopping with an idea in mind and by the time I’ve searched through the plethora of dresses or skirt/top combos I’m more confused than when I started!

The beauty about Torannce is that if you like a colour or style you will be able to select it in a number of different ways therefore get what you want in a design that suits your body shape.

I picked 3 items, all black or white, so I could keep the shots classic but also get some completely different looks by teaming them with bold colours too. I also wanted to play it safe as I hadn’t bought from them before. There’s nothing worse than getting your online shopping in the post only to find it’s way off size wise. 

UK and Australian sizes are the same so I ordered everything in an 8 and found them true to size with wiggle room. The great thing about Torannce is that each item has a detailed size description.

For example with the leather dress it told me the model’s height, bust, waist, hips and also the length of the dress.

I guess the clothes are a little more expensive than your average high street counterpart but if it’s for a special occasion or you want longevity then It’s worth investing that bit extra in my opinion. You know that extra fabulous feeling you get when you wear something incredible...that’s what I have with my Torannce pieces. Everytime I go out in the black leather dress people comment on how good it looks, and that my friends, is priceless.

This is the black leather dress (the leather is ethically sourced too which is good to know). It was originally $1,200 which is about £668 ad more painful for me is now about  £401 in the sale. It’s my go-to dress for most events so definitely worth it from my point of view.

This is the Linen Blazer Dress which was $379, around £211 and is now £126 in the sale! I’m always torn on whether I should wait for the sale or not. I think if it’s something you desperately want I would always buy it immediately, however if you can take it or leave it maybe wait for the sale and take the risk that it might no longer be in stock.

Finally I bought this Shine Bright Blazer for $499 which has some serious weight to it with all of the sequins it holds! Unbelievable how this can transform any outfit to give it more sass even jeans and pumps! This is such a beautiful piece and it’s no surprise that it hasn’t made the sale yet. It can be worn all year round so the chances of this being reduced in price could be slim.

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