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Far From Ordinary

Recently on holiday I noticed my friends skin was always so dewy and radiant so I asked for her secret and asked if she would go through her facial routine with me! I figured she would be using some really expensive products but this was far from the truth and I think it’s so good I wanted to share it with you.  The brand is called The Ordinary. The packaging is plain and classic which would look good in any bathroom and the prices are incredibly reasonable. You don’t need very much when you use them either so they will last a while. Not sure if prices will increase in the near future as right now they seem too good to be true! 

If you know what your skin needs it’s perfect as all of the products are very specific, although the chemical names can be a bit daunting. I actually found this quite fun, a bit like an experiment in trying different things and seeing what works. With all of the products it’s worth starting with milder percentages and building the usage up slowly just in case they cause a reaction, everyone is different but especially if you have sensitive skin I would recommend this.  In the past I haven’t really had a consistent skin care routine; facial scrub, moisturiser and makeup remover that’s about it.  As I approach 40 I feel like I need to take care of my 

skin more. Unfortunately I know if you start these things in your 20’s you can prevent or delay the signs of ageing’s me hoping it’s not too late! Now with these products my current routine is a cleanser, toner and moisturiser morning and night with some additional key products. Most of The Ordinary products can be added into morning or evening skin care unless specified on the product; for example with Retinol this can increase the skin’s photosensitivity, it’s exposure to UV light renders it less productive and so should only be used at night. It’s personal preference as to what feels good on your skin, and if you apply makeup in the day what makes a good base.

Now For The Science!

HYALURONIC ACID We produce this naturally and it hydrates and plumps our skin keeping it wrinkle free and smooth, but this decreases with age hence adding it into skincare routines. Great for all skin types. PEPTIDES These are strings of Amino Acids which are the building blocks of the proteins in our bodies including collagen and elastin fibres; which keeps our skin firm, elastic and plump. We lose 1% of remaining collagen per year after the age of 30 but applying peptides to the skin cause the body to react by producing collagen where it’s applied, hence applying it to our faces to boost collagen and elastin here. The body reads peptides as a need to heal. A bit like if you injured your wrist, the peptides produced to heal it send signals that causes the body to focus all of its efforts on repairing that joint.

MATRIXYL Also known as Oligo Peptide it contains Palmitoyl Pentapeptide which stimulates Collagen growth, Hyaluronic Acid and Elastin. Great for fighting fine lines and wrinkles. RETINOL When absorbed by the skin enzymes in our body convert Retinol to Retinoic Acid, an active form of Vitamin A which increases cell turnover, stimulates collagen and elastin production. This makes it good for treating pigmentation, wrinkles, skin tone, acne and increasing the appearance of firmness. However, it can take a few applications before the body responds, so persist. It can also make you more vascular, dry and flaky so if you suffer with the likes of Psoriasis, Eczema or Rosacea it can cause more inflammation. It may be worth avoiding or you could try and build up usage slowly to increase your tolerance or work in small 

amounts with your moisturiser. GLYCOLIC ACID This is water soluble and can  penetrate the skin deeply, it ‘un-glues’ dead skin cells and removes them making the skin brighter and evening out skin tone. It encourages new cells to appear and is great for all skin types. VITAMIN C This is highly acidic so when applied to the skin it is triggered to heal and therefore accelerate the production of collagen and elastin (a bit like Peptides do). Vitamin C can also act as an antioxidant and prevent damage to cells by neutralising free radicals from air pollution and UV exposure. This helps the skins regeneration process; repairing damaged cells and keeping the signs of premature ageing at bay. Finally Vitamin C can inhibit Melanin which is what causes skin discolouration

for example dark spots and hyperpigmentation. SQUALANE Is a great emollient which makes the skin smoother and mimics the skin’s own moisture making it a great hydrator too. It locks in moisture without making the skin feel greasy. We actually produce Squalene naturally (shelf stable version is Squalane) but again this decreases as we age, starting when we reach 30! By applying Squalane we can also improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As it gives a protective layer to the skin it can also prevent irritation from external factors. If you suffer with breakouts or acne it should be used cautiously as people with oily skin are already producing enough naturally.

Here is my YouTube Channel Video link which might make things a little easier to understand!

Check out for their full range but I have also seen the products in Boots, and they are sold online at Beauty Bay, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.

There are lots of products I haven’t tried with ingredients I haven’t looked into, for example; 

  • Ferulic Acid

  • Resveratrol

  • Lipoic Acid

  • Mandelic Acid

  • Pycnogenol

  • Salicylic Acid

  • Lactic Acid

The website does a great job of explaining each product and what these ingredients do so have a shop around before you try anything, you might find something more suitable. I find it fascinating and I can’t wait to try more products to find the magic formula for my face! Obviously I will let you know the outcome!

The table is of the products I bought from The Ordinary and their prices to give you an idea. Products come in larger quantities for when you find the ones that work for you but to be honest the small ones will last for ages anyway and I think they might just look better :) x

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